Hallowe’en Poetry!

Sarah and Ella from Fifth Class worked together to create a wonderfully descriptive Hallowe’en Poem. Ella says that when you’re working together to write a poem “it’s not hard to write when you work together. When you work on your own you have ideas, different ideas that are good, but when you combine your ideas it makes the poem even better”

Branches crackling, thunder strikes
That’s what makes it a scary night!
Vampires bite whatever they find
Go under your covers or lose your mind.
Trick or treaters, cackling creatures,
all may become flesh eaters
lost in the ditches
followed by spine-chilling witches.
Poisonous sweets, venomous treats
All around the narrow streets.
Flaming pumpkins, dirty goblins
I think they have already made enough problems.
Make sure you lock your door tonight,
Until the light breaks up the night!

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