Proclamation Day


On 15th March, 2016 schools across Ireland celebrated Proclamation Day. In St. Raphaela’s we invited parents and grandparents to join us as we read the Proclamation from 1916, our pupils’ own Proclamation for our time, and raising our National Flag.

IMG_0927Our flag was raised by Cathy (Sixth Class) and Kate (Second Class). To help them prepare, Ruaidhrí Kedney came in earlier in the day to show the girls how to carry and raise the flag with the respect that it deserves. Cathy and Kate did a great job for us!

IMG_0928 - CopyWe were delighted to have parents and grandparents join us to commemorate this very important day, our opportunity to celebrate the progress Ireland has made since the first reading of the Proclamation 100 years ago.


IMG_0966Our teachers and pupils read aloud the Proclamation that Padraig Pearse read out 100 years ago. Then Sarah, Rachel and Anna from Fourth Class read aloud their “Proclamation for our Time”



proclamation of ireland

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