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Christmas Carols

Love Shone Down:

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Silent Night:

During engineers week, some girls in our class entered the ‘Build A Bridge’ competition in school. Well done to Doireann Walsh who was awarded first place from our class.

Congratulations to all who entered, there were some fantastic designs!

We are learning about Healthy Eating and where fruit and vegetable’s come from. How does it get to the supermarket for us to buy? Where and how does the food grow?

We entered the Incredible Edibles competition and received a growing pack for our class. We planted carrots, turnips, potatoes, chives, mixed lettuce and strawberries! We started in the classroom and with the help of Nathan Fox, we moved our seeds outside! Take a look at our journey so far:


Merry Christmas from Ms. Noctor’s 2nd Class!!!


During science week we looked at how quickly the coating on the outside of a skittle would dissolve and diffuse in various substances.

Skittles are coated in food colouring and sugar. When you pour water over the skittles the coloured coating dissolves spreading through the water.The colour and sugar dissolve into the water and then diffuse through it.

We tried it with cold and warm water, vinegar and 7up! We found that warm water dissolved and difused the colouring the quickest. Each substance dissolved the sugar eventually. Vinegar took the longest. Check out the results below:


We explored 3D shape and space during Maths Week. We worked on a project over a few days to construct castles from a variety of materials. 


Today we did some Pumpkin Carving in groups! Scooping out the insides of a pumpkin is messy work. (Ms. Noctor helped by carving the faces!)


Here is a link to an Irish website to help parents and children with the pronunciation of Gaeilge words, just type in the word and play the sound bite:

Also here are some fun and easy Maths Games websites for you to try at home!


Molly Lamb and Aoife Kane from the Dublin Ladies Football team and Kilmacud Crokes came to visit us in the school today! We were the lucky ones getting to sit on stage with them! Look at all those happy faces!


We went on a mini-beast hunt this week! We found loads of interesting creatures to study!

Did you know that slugs have four noses but only one foot?!

Check out our slideshow below!


2nd Class were busy making good luck posters for the Dublin Senior Ladies Football team who are in the All Ireland Final this Sunday!We have a small message for our Local GAA club Kilmacud Crokes who have 5 girls representing Dublin on the Panel. Best of Luck Molly, Lauren, Julia, Mia and Aoife!


Welcome to Ms.Noctor’s 2nd Class! 



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Thank you to all our parents for a class year! Amazing day on our teddy bears picnic. What a fantastic bunch of children 🌟💫🏆🏅🎈🎉🎊☀️😎

Nice to see our seeds doing so well on our return to school this morning!

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