Healthy Choices Month – Invitation to Parents


Our fantastic Tachers  are planning a series of activities over the month of May, highlighting the importance of healthy choices and how they affect our health, wellbeing and fitness.

During the month of May, the children from all classes have permission to wear their school tracksuit on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays (as well as their usual P.E. days) This is to facilitate the various activities that we have planned as a whole school family. We will use the school hall, field and the park located beside our school at break and lunch times. Activities will include Aerobic workouts, dance challenges and the completion of a “mini May mile” several times a week.

The mini mile will consist of two laps around the path of the public park adjacent to our school. If you give permission for your daughter to leave the school grounds and partake in the “mini May mile” please make sure you complete the permission slip and return it to her class teacher. This month will end with our fantastic School Sports Day on 2nd June.

We are inviting any parent or family member with a particular interest in fitness, nutrition or general health and wellbeing, to make suggestions on how we can involve the parent body in this month.   Parental influence is the most important factor in every part of child development, and we would love your help with promoting healthy choices for our girls.

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