Board of Management

St. Raphaela’s Primary School is owned by the Trustees, who are the Handmaids of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The Archbishop of Dublin appoints a Board of Management to look after the running of the school.

The Board is made up of the following people:

– Two direct nominees of the Patron;

– Two parents of children enrolled in the school (one being a mother, the other a father) elected by the general body of parents of children enrolled in the school;- The Principal of the school;

– One other teacher on the staff of the school, elected by vote of the teaching staff;

– Plus two extra members proposed unanimously by the above nominees;

In our school, Rory Burke is the Chairman of the Board, and Garth Kelly and Fiona Rowley are our parent representatives. Maebhdh Hehir and Laura Corry are the teacher representatives and Sr. Patricia and Ron Davies represent the Trustees. David Cox represents the Patron of the school.

The Board is responsible for the management of the School and promoting its success in all its activities so that the highest quality of education is delivered to all the pupils.

The school operates an open-door policy for parents.  Should you have any concerns about your child, it is always best to talk to the class teacher or the Principal as soon as possible. This is where issues can best be dealt with.

The school has an agreed procedure for dealing with matters of concern. This is available in the school office.

This is our WSE report from November 2013:
St-Raphaelas-Whole School Evaluation November 2013