PA Information

This page is also regularly updated with the work of our fantastic Parent Association here at St. Raphaela’s Primary School!

The aims of the Parent Association are as follows: –

  • To promote active involvement of parents within the Association.
  • To foster good communication between parents, teachers and the school’s Board of Management.
  • To keep parents in touch with current educational trends and in turn, through our affiliation with the National Parent Council, to draw up motions voicing our own concerns and proposals which could be considered when educational policies are being drafted up at Government level.
  • To work on fund-raising events and provide opportunities for social / educational interaction between parents

New parents are actively encouraged to join the Committee every year. In order that the Parents’ Association Committee be truly representative of all children from Junior Infants to 6th class, two representatives are sought per class at the time of the AGM, which is held each October. The role of Class Representative is for two years at which time the parents actively seek out a replacement. The Parent Association Committee meets every month. Minutes of these meetings and the AGM along with the PA Committee volunteer list, are attached below:

Fundraising is essential to the running of the school, and here in St. Raphaela’s, the Parents’ Association prides itself in the funds we have raised for so many worthwhile projects. The benefits of this fundraising can be clearly seen in the form of our technology trolley,new playground, stage update, excellent library and computer room, the supply of sports equipment and electronic white boards for all classrooms and major structural refurbishment.

The primary aim of the Association is to make all parents feel they have a part to play in the school, and a contribution in helping to make their child’s years in the school a positive time in their life.