Active Flag Award

Under the guidance of our Principal, Ms Laura Corry and led by our P.E. Teacher, Mr Nathan Fox, St Raphaela’s Girls National School will be pursuing the Active School Flag in the school year 2019/2020!

The Flag is a symbol of a physically active school, supported by a physically active community and our aim is to encourage the children to be more active more often.

The application process will involve a self-evaluation of our current Physical Education Programme. We have been surveying our pupils and parents how we can encourage physical activity during our school day, and we are also creating partnerships within our community so that the pupils of St Raphaela’s can pursue healthy physical activities outside school hours.

Our Aim:

As a School our overall objective is to create an environment and opportunities so that children within our care complete 60 minutes of activity every day!

To launch our campaign, we asked all our pupils to get involved and create a poster and slogan that can be used throughout the school, the participation from the pupils was outstanding.

Our Active School slogan was created by Sofia W. , Senior Infants

Move your feet…. make your heart beat

Our Active School Poster was created by Laura M., Sixth Class

Our Sporting School

Our school participates, competes and has had great success in a wide variety of Sports throughout the year. Activities are led by our sporting teachers and volunteers and include….

GAA Football, Camogie, Hockey, Swimming, Athletics and Basketball

Our Basketball Team
St. Raphaela’s Team at the National Basketball Arena!
St. Raphaela’s Pupils representing their school and club at the National Aquatic Centre
St. Raphaela’s Football Team – Cumann na mBunscol finals in Croke Park!
Hockey Team

PE Curriculum

Our School Self Evaluation focus is on the development of Wellbeing within our school. As part of this we are looking at teaching and learning of PE

We follow the Primary Schools’ Sports Initiative programme which allows us to deliver a planned and structured P.E. programme. The strands covered in this programme include: Athletics, Games, Dance, Gymnastics and Outdoor Adventure.

We are also delivering the Aquatics strand this year by completing Water Safety Ireland’s PAWS programme (Primary Aquatics Water Safety)

Children have an opportunity to learn how to swim through our after-school swimming club every Friday.

Sporting Facilities

PE Equipment

We have a wide variety of Sports and P.E. Equipment which allow us to deliver a full P.E. curriculum and Athletic Development programme to all pupils in our school.

Athletic Development are the building blocks for all Sports and include the A, B, C’s of movement (Agility, Balance and Co-ordination)

After School Activities and Camps

Children can get involved in many physical activities after school and during term breaks though our wide variety of Sporting Activities and Camps.

After School Activities include GAA Football, Athletic Development (Athletics), Irish Dancing, Hip Hop, Camogie, Basketball, Swimming, Hockey and Yoga.

Multi Sports and Hockey Camps are also held during term and mid-term breaks providing a full year of Physical Activity for our pupils.

Our Partners in Sport and Physical Activity

GAA plays a big part at St Raphaela’s and we have a very strong partnership with our local club, Kilmacud Crokes. Many of our girls play both Football and Camogie with Kilmacud Crokes and many parents of our children help coach and mentor various age groups in both Football and Camogie at the local club.

Kilmacud Crokes kindly assist us with the training of our school Camogie and Football teams, their chief football coach Pairic McDonald and Hurling/Camogie Coach Niall Corcoran visit the school every year to lead skill and training sessions. Senior infants to second class have access to these sessions and they are a great way of introducing the pupils to Gaelic games.

After school on Mondays, girls from 3rd class upwards have an opportunity to train and play for the school GAA Football team managed by Laura Crowley from Kilmacud Crokes

During the months of January to May one of our teachers and Dublin Camogie Player, Rachel Noctor coach’s girls from 3rd class upwards to play for our School Camogie Team where they have an opportunity to meet and compete against the pupils from local schools.

Fittogether is a local fitness provider that encourages Fitness, Friendship and Fun with a focus on children being active,

During our Month of Healthy Options, they run an early morning dancing/aerobic session with the pupils in the school helping them kickstart the day with a positive, upbeat attitude.

They also provide free couch to 5k and fitness sessions in Clonmore Park which is a programme that parents and children partake in together.

Recently we have included Leinster Rugby as one of our School Sporting Partners. Leinster Rugby send a professional coach to the school for 5 weeks to teach the girls the game of Tag-Rugby. Tag Rugby has grown in popularity with women over the last decade, and we feel that this training gives the girls a great opportunity to partake in this sport with local groups and teams outside of school hours and through their journey in secondary school, college and the work place.

Activity Initiatives

Active Walkway

The active walkway is a route around our school yards that allows children to walk & talk during their lunch/yard breaks

Along the walkway are marked out the distance covered and the number of steps taken by the children. The children set their own challenges and Aim to complete a certain number of steps or distances each day/week.

Active Morning Yard

Every morning break there is equipment available skipping for the children to use to complete challenges and games. It’s a great way to get the children warmed up and increase their blood flow. Morning physical activity encourages alertness so that the children find it easier to concentrate and focus at their beginning of their school day.

Monday Skipping Ropes
Tuesday Hula-Hoops
Wednesday Throwing Balls & Beanbags
Thursday Hand Clapping & Dances
Friday Hopscotch & Chalk

Active Games Yard

Our lunch breaks are a hive of activity, each class have a set of equipment that they can use at breaks to play and invent games with their friends and classmates. The equipment includes balls, skipping ropes and elastics. We also have a climbing frame, monkey bars and

Morning Dance Session

During the months of May and June the children participate in a 20min Aerobic Dance Session with “Fittogether” one of our Active School Partners in the community. Pupils are motivated to have fun and keep active by learning new dances to popular chart songs.

Bizzy Breaks

During bad weather when the children can’t get outside, our teachers keep the children active by completing exercises in the classroom. Bizzy Breaks is a routine established by the Irish Heart Foundation whereby the children are led through a series of warm-up, energetic and stretching exercises in order to get them moving and increasing their heart rate. We also play fun simple games in the classroom to increase physical and social activity

Climb the Heights – Skipping Challenge

We set classes 1 to 6 a challenge this year whereby they skip the highest mountains in Europe. The children line up in their groups and run through a turning skipping rope and must complete 1 skip and exit the rope.

1 skip = 1 metre height, and the children aim to climb the highest mountains in Europe. If the child performs a ground touch, a split jump, or a turn in the rope they get 2 points. If they run through with a partner, they double the points. Not only are the children greatly improving their co-ordination and skipping skills, they are having fun, being energetic, social, and learning about the highest peaks in Europe.

Park Runs

We are very fortunate to have some beautiful parks and activity areas within our community which are maintained and serviced by Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council.

DLRCoCo operate a Free Park Run Series every Saturday at 9:30am. They take place at Marlay Park, Shanganah Park and Cabinteely Park. The runs are 5km in distance and timed so that individuals can walk or run with their family and friends. They also operate a 2km walk/run for children and their families each Sunday morning at 9.30am in Ballyogan, Deer Park & Marlay Park.

We encourage the families at St Raphaela’s by organising an occasional meet-up before the run and children who complete the run are added to the Park Run hall of fame where their distances and the number of runs that they have completed are recorded.