Ms. Corry’s Blog : 2019-2020

Monday: Make Memories

This is a really strange time for all of us, being at home and being away from friends and family members who don’t live with us! But it’s also a time that we get to spend with those who love us the most.

Create a diary this week… write a little note or draw a picture each day and include something that you got to do with your family today that you wouldn’t get to do if you were in school on a regular Monday ……… maybe it was doing your Maths work in your jammies, doing PE in your back garden…. it might be making your mum smile at 11 o’clock or teaching your little sister or brother…. be creative

If you would like to share a page of your diary, send a picture to :

Tuesday: Get Physical

It’s important that you still get your 60minutes of activity every day! However you’re doing it, make sure it’s fun. Dancing is a great way to get your active minutes…. and it’s a great way to put you in a good mood!

Rainbows also make people happy! Today, ask your mum if you can find your most colourful happy clothes and and hair clips and dress up as a rainbow to get ready to practice Nathan’s dance!

This week, encourage your whole family to practice Nathan’s dance …. we would like you to send evidence of your progress by the end of the week!

Wednesday: Show Gratitude, Share Love

Make a list of the people who take care of you, mind you, share their friendship with you and cheer you up when you’re a little bit sad.

Leave notes around your house to share kindness and maybe even make someone feel better! ….. leave a compliment for your sibling… tell your mum or dad how much you appreciate all the ways they show you love …. thank someone for making your breakkie this morning ….. send a note to your grandparents (you can write your note and send a picture of it on whatsapp)

Spend time on each note, think about how much you love the person you’re writing it for and tell them why… decorate each note and make it a special memory for them to keep….. make one for each family member or friend that makes your life happier by being part of it!

Find somewhere to leave the note that will surprise your loved one …. if they’re not in the house, send it to them as a photo in email.

If you want to send in some examples of your kindness notes, you can email them for display here!

Thursday: Time Capsule

Create a Time Capsule, capturing your memories and information all about how you’re feeling and what you’re doing this week. You can use this booklet to help you, or you could make your own version of it if!

Letter from Ms. Corry re : Talking to Pupils about Covid-19

(emailed Thursday, 12th, morning)

Family Fun Bingo Night: 6th March

Parent Talk: Fiona Forman Raising Resilient Children

February Letter

Term Two, Welcome Back!

Car Park Safety = Pupil Safety!

Access to the school campus is a courtesy extended to all parents and visitors, but our children demand respect from car users
If you are bringing your car on to our campus, please respect:
the pedestrian crossing,
double yellow lines,
speed limit, and
rules of the road.

Car users who repeatedly ignore car park safety will not be welcome on our campus: Pupil safety is our priority!

Ms. Corry’s Christmas Newsletter

Wishing you and your families a Happy Christmas

We can’t wait for our Christmas Bake Sale on Friday 6th December, thank you to the Parents, Teachers and Pupils who have put so much time in to making this a truly lovely start to the Christmas Season for our families

Ms. Corry’s October Newsletter

Ms. Corry’s October Newsletter

Welcome Back to St. Raphaela’s!

We’re looking forward to welcoming our pupils to a new school year

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