Information for Classes during our extended School Closure

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Create your own Time Capsule

Years from now you’ll be sharing memories with your friends and families about how your life changed during these few months…. you’ll speak about what you did to keep yourself and those you love healthy, and how you felt spending this time with your family and minding each other, keeping each other active, happy and safe. Why not create a special scrapbook of memories of this time, you could use these sheets for ideas, or you could create your own!

Some other useful websites include (click on the icons):

English and Maths Revision

Read, Read, Read!

An excellent site to support learning, based on the English Primary School Curriculum for all subjects
Key Stage One: Junior Infant- Second Class
Key Stage Two: Third Class- Sixth Class

All classes and pupils have been set up – emails will be sent to all classes with reminder log ins.

A great site for revision: This site is divided up in to different class levels, and then further divided up in to skills for each subject…..children can practice a certain number of maths or english skills per day

Developing Coding Skills

Hour of Code Activities for children of all ages

Coding with Scratch

Children from different class levels will already be familiar with Scratch as a programming tool…. there are excellent guides on youtube to guide them through a programme. This is a great problem solving opportunity and could be developed individually or as siblings. Please email Ms. Corry the final project!

There is also a Scratch Junior version for younger children, that can be downloaded as an app for free:

Help with Project Work

Ask About Ireland: is an excellent website with information and activities based on the Irish Curriculum for all class levels. It covers work across different subjects, with English Stories, History topics, Gaeilge etc

Scoilnet is an Irish site that has a very broad range of topics related to the Irish Primary School Curriculum

The Primary Planet is a children’s news magazine. News, sport, music, entertainment, and dare I say, politics are some of the many topics featured in this exciting publication each month. With a readership of over 60,000 children a month,The Primary Planet is connecting with today’s readers, tomorrow’s leaders!
Aimed at the senior classes, (8 to 12 year olds), It contains 40 pages of fresh, topical and up to date features each month.

Websites to help Parents guide learning!

Keeping a regular schedule, keeping in contact with family members via Skype or Facetime, and mixing in practical and school work is recommended during this period of school closure. There are some very helpful practical tips available to parents from this website:

If you come across further websites or advice for sharing, please let me know and I’ll update this section for our families!

Click on the Twinkl link above – this site contains excellent learning and activity packs. There is a pack for each class level.
Enter the code: IRLTWINKLHELPS

Scholastic “remote learning”…..This is a website designed to help parents guide and enrich children’s learning… there are EXCELLENT themed activities, which could work very well if you have children of different ages that can work alongside each other…..

Get Creative: Art and Craft Ideas

This is an interactive website- it contains links to videos and presentations to guide activities across each of the strands of the Visual Arts Curriculum


Cork based artist / illustrator, Will Sline,y who works for Marvel Comics is leading a lesson on youtube each day where he teaches children to draw on a particular topic each day. Children of all ages could be involved in this!

Background info:

Will Sliney’s youtube channel with instructional videos (that can be paused, replayed etc)

Keep Active, Keep Well!

Wellness Activities

Activities from the Primary School Section in : Walk in my Shoes, including mindfulness colouring pages, a well being calendar (for all the family) and a wellness journal

Outdoor Activities

Gardening Activities for Children

RTE Junior – 10 @ 10

10minutes of activities for children and adults to do together

A selection of activities from yoga, movement breaks, dancing – all guided activities